You Can Get Everything Done, Once and For All, With These Unique Methods

What If All The Important Things Were Done Already?

What if your home, and your office, and all your storage areas were exactly the way you want them to be - and stayed that way?

What if you were completely on top of everything you want to be doing?

What happens is that month after month, you still are looking at the SAME THINGS that are not done:

... Your papers are not organized the way you want them to be.

... Your home is not ready for anyone to just drop by unexpectedly. (Yikes!)

... Your projects are still not completed.

... And day after day, this is STRESSFUL.

Well, don't go blaming yourself, because that makes it worse, and it's NOT as true as you think! And I can tell you exactly why.

Let me start with just ONE of the reasons:

Time Gets Away From You!

Help! The times we're living in have become a hundred times faster.

Technology, constant change, and we're always bombarded with the latest news, articles, and updates!

Everyone's got their face buried in their cell phone and can't even drive to the next town without GPS!

And don't even get me started on Facebook! Or what is laughingly known as "social media"!!

No wonder we feel like we're in a constant state of tug-of-war for our brain.

You Want To Get Things Done, But You Feel Stuck!

That's because of the overwhelm. More choices. More paperwork and hassles. Family needs!

Oh, and the occasional crisis - yours or one from someone you love! I feel tired just thinking about it. Get me some more coffee, now please! 💙☕

How Procrastination Is Killing Us

"I keep saying I will do it the next day. Then I put it off and later on, it is much worse, and I am overwhelmed."

"Working two jobs, when I get home I really don't feel much like cleaning. I just get the essentials done, but the very thorough cleaning is what gets put off."

"How does all this affect me? I get very disappointed in myself and very depressed."

"What to do when exhaustion hits? Some days its all I can do to get back from work, bath and feed me and the kids then sleep!! I know getting things ready the night before really helps, but sometimes even that is too much!!!"

"I can't even get started. Too much stuff and no place to put it. What do I keep? What do I get rid of? What should my goals be?"

"My 'TO DO' list has got to the point where it needs an index!"

Here's What's Even Worse Than Procrastination

Procrastination plagues almost EVERYONE, often day after day.

Procrastination is bad enough.

Feeling overwhelmed is even worse!

It's the feeling of being overwhelmed that hurts the most!

In the midst of it all, you desperately want to make progress. Because you CARE.

You have things that MUST get done.

Then you have LOTS of things that you know if you *got them done,* you would be so much further along toward happiness and success.

The biggest problem is just how to get things accomplished.

The lack of reaching your goals takes a heavy toll on you...

On your home, your finances maybe, and definitely on your happiness.

How much would you like to finally be in control of all your belongings?

All your STUFF? (And of course to have LESS of it...)

How much would you like to finally have the energy you need to really get things done?

What would your home look like if you had it completely in order the way you want, at last?

Wouldn't you love to get your home completely the way you want it to be?

There is a light at the end of this tunnel!

Getting done the things you want to get done really is one of the best feelings you'll ever have.

And it builds on itself every time.

Our goal is to break through the overwhelm and sheer misery of not getting everything done that we deeply want to get done.

What Makes This Program Work When Others Get You Nowhere?

I'm Mimi Tanner, the author of the book Declutter Fast - How To Get Your Home In Order Immediately.

As far back as I can remember, I could devour any book or course on getting decluttered, organized, and managing time!

But for most of my life, I kept this passion to myself.

However - I noticed that the methods in most books never worked for me for very long.

And one day I got an overwhelming inspiration to share my passion, and here's why:

It was only when I dived down deep that I came up with my own methods that actually worked for me.

So now since 2006, I've been sharing my decluttering advice with thousands of faithful readers all over the world.

And a funny thing has happened along the way:

I've found that the people who read my decluttering book and newsletter are some of the nicest people on this planet!!

And in response to their continued requests for answers on how to get everything done, I've now gone even deeper.

Because the cost of procrastination is high.

And the feeling of being overwhelmed and frustrated can make a person want to crawl under the covers.

That's exactly what many of us do when we just can't get through the task because it doesn't seem possible to ever finish it. There are too many things that need to go too many different places, and not enough time, energy, motivation, and inspiration.

You need methods that actually work for you and keep working!

You also need a way to make this easy and enjoyable!

You can eliminate procrastination and overwhelm and get the victory over them...

So that they can no longer rob you of your peace of mind and joy!

What Is The Solution?

We're going to get to the bottom of what causes this distress, once and for all.

And you're going to find ways to get everything done that really work for you.

Not only that, but you're in good company - with the many other people who are on this journey too, who are privately experiencing this breakthrough at the same time as you!

Yes, it's all completely private and on your schedule - whenever you have time to log in!

What People Are Saying

"I just finished Session One. Wow!"

"I just cleaned out my freezer and it has not been done in years and years. So proud of me, and you are so right. It did not even take all that long a time. Thank you Mimi."

"I just finished Session One. I'm really glad I joined in!"

"Hi Mimi, I really enjoyed Session One and am really looking forward to Session Two."

"I believe everyone doing these steps is changing their mindset. And good actions are soon to follow!"

"I very much enjoyed this Session - I felt as though you were talking about me and my life!"

Here's What's In How To Get Everything Done!

  How To Get Everything Done, even if you're overwhelmed, exhausted, don't know where to start, and get stuck every time you do start.

  How To Deal With a Huge Mess That Has Been There for Years

  How To Finally Organize What Seems Impossible

  How To Deal With a Disaster That You've Tried Many Times To Work On Already (But Gave Up Out of Frustration)

  How To Deal With A Kitchen That Never Stays the Way You Want It (It Will Be Clean, Shiny, Beautiful, and Stay That Way!)

  How To Empty Out Your Storage Space and Organize Everything Without Losing Your Mind (Saving You Hundreds Every Month)

  How To Get Everything In Your Home The Way You Want It and Keep It That Way - and End Up With MORE Energy Than You Have Now

  How To Make It Easy To Start Again When You Pause Your Efforts

  How To Get Maximum Results With Minimum Effort

  The True Understanding Of Where Your Time is Going

  How To Finally Get Control of Your Time

  What To Do When You Don't Know Where To Start

  When To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed

  How To Get the Energy You Need To Get Organized

  How List-Making Can Actually Slow You Down Sometimes

  How To Finally Stop Guilt From Wrecking Your Efforts

  How To Declutter in Mini-Marathons

  How To Handle It When You Suddenly Have Family Obligations That Stop Your Project Temporarily

  Strategies That Will Take You All the Way To Your Goal

  Comments from People in the Program who have shared their particular challenges

  How To Make Sure You Leave Everything Organized For Your Loved Ones For the Future (In Case Something Happens To You)

  Most Important, How To Keep This New Way of Life Going Permanently. This Is Only Helpful If It Works For You For Life!

  How To Get Everything Done Is In FOUR Sessions. You can log in to the Sessions any time that is convenient for you. You also get the sessions in writing and audio, to save and refer to any time!

  And Much, Much More.

After you listen to the Sessions, you will never feel the same way about "stuff" and "procrastination" ever again.

After you read what people are saying, the grip of "stuff" and "procrastination" will start to lose its power over you - you'll feel free.

My Guarantee To You

There's no judgment here, no matter how long you've waited to start making progress. It's always a great time to start getting everything done!

Simply relax and take the time to go through the sessions at your convenience.

Try this out and see for yourself! We get right to the heart of the solution.

Many people log back in and listen to or read the sessions many times - especially when they need inspiration and motivation to start a new "getting everything done" project in their home!

If for any reason my methods don't give you the breakthrough you're looking for, then just send me an email, and I will give you back what you paid to explore this program.

Give yourself a chance to break through the overwhelm, and find new inspiration to get things done like never before.

This guide will lead you every step of the way, and you'll find that these methods can and will make all the difference.

Your guide to getting everything done!

This program is for you when you've had enough of the overwhelm and stress that's keeping you from living the life you want.

This affects not only your happiness, but the happiness of your loved ones, both now and in the future!

There's only one thing missing in "How To Get Everything Done" - and that is YOU!

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